Catnook Cattery
Catnook Cattery. 340 Considines Rd, Modewarre, Victoria 3240
Tel: 0434 339052

Health and Wellbeing

Any cat requiring veterinary attention during it's stay at Catnook will, where possible, be taken to its regular Vet; If not then your cat will be taken to our own on call Veterinarian.

Any guest requiring veterinary attention will be at the owner's expense..

At Catnook we adhere to the guidelines of the boarding Code of Practice therefore please understand that we do not allow your cat to have time out with other guests as this is against the stipulation of the code.


Please ensure that your Cat has been issued with its current vaccinations.
F3 is the minimum accepted here at Catnook.

Vaccinations must be administered to your companion at least fourteen days prior to attending.

Vaccination certificates must be sighted on date of arrival or these can be scanned through to our email address prior to admission. Please understand that we respect and give high priority to the health and well being of all our guests at Catnook.

We do not wish to offend anyone but if vaccination certificates are not shown on arrival then your companion will not be able to join us.


Fleas and Worms

Your cat must be treated for fleas and worms prior to becoming a guest of Catnook. It is recommended that this is done at least one week prior to arrival.

In addition, if fleas or worms are detected during the stay then these will be appropriately treated at the owner's expense.


In line with our environmental responsibility we use Oz Litter which can be easily composted. All guests at Catnook must be fully litter trained. Guests that routinely fail to use the litter tray and continue to urinate or defecate on the floor or bedding during the stay will result in the owner being charged an additional surcharge to cover the need for extra chemicals, pee pads, and cleaning time.

Pet Industry Association Member
Cat Boarding Member of The Pet Directory