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Your cat and its comfort is our priority. Your cats will settle quickly as there will be minimal change to their regular feeding regime. We intend to make sure that they are provided with nutritious quality food. Our aim is to settle your pet quickly and reduce any stress they may be feeling so we feed as close to your routine at home.

At Catnook we are firm believers in providing quality food for your pet.
I have conducted extensive enquiries regarding the quality and ingredients of many of the dry foods on the market for cats. Because we want to provide value for money and quality food to the guests a decision has been made to provide the following dry food within the cattery:-

  • Royal Canin: Indoor, Fit 32, Dental, Kitten.
  • Hills: Dental
  • Grain Free: Ivory Coat Chicken & Salmon flavours (Australian made) 70% protein
Our Services

In addition to the dry food listed above we serve the following wet food varieties:

Dine, Fancy Feast, Felix, Whiskers & the Cachet range of tins /sachets, or fresh beef mince, chicken mince and Roo & Beef chunks.

If these choices do not accord with what you provide your pet we are happy for you to supply your own food, there is no extra charge for feeding your supplied food.

Please refer to the following link to review the cat foods available on the Australian market

Emergency Response

We take the care and safety of your pet seriously. Summer is a great season of the year and it is one of the most popular boarding periods.

Catnook has created a written survival Fire Plan in conjunction with advice from the local Shire and the CFA recommendations.

You can rest assure that your cat(s) are safe due to the addition of a dedicated external fire sprinkler system installed to eliminate or reduce any risk to the Cattery or guests.

We are proud to be the only boarding service in Geelong to have installed a dedicated emergency sprinkler system to ensure the safety of your pets.

Administration of Medications for Guests with Special Requirements

Guests that require the administration of medications or special dietary needs are also accommodated. Medications must be securely labeled by a veterinary surgeon with the guest name and owners surname, the veterinary practice issuing the medications and the dosage details. Any specialist dietary foods must be labeled in the same manner with full instructions. We do not charge extra to administer medications.

Travelling Notes

  • If your cat does not like the carry case cover it with a blanket for the trip
  • Line the carrier with several sheets of newspaper rather than bedding
  • It is wise to refrain from feeding your cat before travelling.


Value for Money

When making a decision about where to board your pet/s take a few moments to consider the following points:-

  • Is the cattery you are considering fully insulated on the roof, walls and the dividing partitions between units. (not just on the roof.)
  • Does the cattery you are considering have heating for the winter and air conditioning for the summer to keep your pets comfortable through the seasons? If heating is provided query if it is in operation 24/7 or just turned on during the day.
  • Does the cattery you are considering have custom built suites or are they just converted cages with no sneeze resistant panels between cages causing your pet to feel stressed, threatened or ill?
  • Does the cattery you are considering fully comply with the boarding Code of Practice? i.e. do they have security fencing inside and out and non-porous fully wipe down walls.
  • Is the cattery you are considering able to feed to your pets specific diet and routine?
  • Is the cattery you are considering charging extra to:
    • Administer medications
    • Pet or play with your pet
    • Brush your pet
    • Provide interactive cat toys.
    • Provide warmth such as heat pads
  • Does the cattery charge double the single rate to board two cats within the same unit?
  • Does the cattery you are considering have external areas with pebbles that are impossible to clean or properly sanitise after each guest.
  • Do they cater for diabetic pets?
  • Does the cattery you are looking at have designated “play” areas for your pet. Query?. Is this area is cleaned adequately after each cat is removed from “the play” area

We provide premium custom built accommodation that exceeds the standards of the boarding code of practice offering exemplary care, quality food, attention, grooming & medications at an all inclusive value for money fee. We provide love and attention, pats, cuddles, play and brushing. There is no extra charge for these services. It is our pleasure.

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Cat Boarding Member of The Pet Directory