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We have created a boutique home style environment to provide a low stress and enjoyable boarding experience for your pets, and we will treat our guests with care and kindness at all times. We will closely follow all pet owners' written instructions once set out and agreed to in this contract.

Like any quality boarding facility, at Catnook Cattery we endeavor at all times to ensure the safety and health of your pet/s by insisting that all our clients understand and adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Of particular importance are our unconditional requirements when it comes to confirming that all pets in our care are vaccinated appropriately.

Unless otherwise instructed, we will make every endeavor to contact you immediately if there is any incident, or if your pet has any need for veterinary attention.

Catnook Cattery will provide care in accordance with Domestic Animals Act -1994 ,Part 5 S64 and the Victorian Code of Practice for the operation of Boarding Establishments (Domestic Animal Businesses).

Specifically we will provide clean, secure accommodation, ensuring as far as possible the health, safety and wellbeing of all pets in our care.

Please note as part of the condition of boarding your cat with Catnook Cattery each client is required to complete and sign these Terms and

Conditions (T & C’s) which will indicate that you have read, understood and agree to the T&C’s of boarding at our establishment.

If there are any queries regarding the T & C’s these should be raised with Catnook Cattery staff prior prior to signing and admission of the pet.


The terms and conditions set out below constitute our agreement with you.


  1. Catnook Cattery reserves the right to refuse admission of any pet without notice and explanation.
  2. Catnook Cattery operates to set appointment times. All efforts should be made by the owner of the pet to drop off at the appointed time. If circumstances arise where a change to the appointed time is necessary the owner must make all effort to make contact with Catnook Cattery to suggest an alternative arrangement. Collections outside of the appointed time will be at the discretion of Catnook Cattery.
  3. All pet owners must supply sufficient emergency contact details to Catnook Cattery staff on admission. Catnook Cattery will not be responsible for outcomes which arise due to the inability of Catnook Cattery to be able to get in contact with a pet owner. If traveling overseas please ensure that an alternative contact within Victoria is provided that is cognisant of your instructions and wishes for the health and well being of your pet.


  1. Catnook Cattery operates to set appointment times. All effort should be made by the owner of the pet to collect their pet at the pre arranged appointed time. If circumstances arise where a change to the time is necessary the owner must make all effort to make contact with Catnook Cattery to suggest an alternative arrangement. Collections outside of these hours are at the discretion of Catnook Cattery.
  2. Any additional charges incurred during the pets stay at Catnook Cattery must be paid prior to the departure of the pet.


  1. All pets admitted to Catnook Cattery must be in general good health and any known medical conditions must be disclosed prior to acceptance at Catnook Cattery. Each cat will be visually inspected upon arrival. The owner acknowledges that if the said pet is found to be dirty, has fleas or requires attention to rectify any issues on arrival or during the pets stay charges will apply without notice. You warrant that you have informed Catnook Cattery of any illness or injury suffered by your pet, during its lifetime including but not limited to HIV, Kidney Disease, Urinary Tract Infections, Heart Disease, any previous outbreak of Cat Flu etc.
  2. Current Vaccination certificates are required to be produced for each pet prior to admission to Catnook Cattery. A current vaccination is considered to have been administered to the pet within the previous 12 months. Due dates for the next vaccination must not have passed prior to boarding or during the period of the boarding. Full immunisation vaccinations must have been administered to the pet at least 14 days prior to the commencement of boarding. You warrant that your pet has been vaccinated for (Minimum F3) which must be current for the duration of the stay at Catnook Cattery.
  3. Catnook Cattery requires that all pets where vaccinations have lapsed, undergo re vaccination program as per veterinary direction prior to boarding at Catnook Cattery. Cats undergoing a vaccination program will not be able to board at Catnook Cattery until 14 days after their final shot in any such vaccination program.
  4. Cats attending the cattery with medications to be administered must have all medications properly labelled by a Veterinarian securely attached to each medication/s. Owners must advise Catnook Cattery of all required medications and the correct dosage amounts / administration times and storage requirements of the medications to be given
  5. You agree to pay all costs and charges for any additional services requested by you on admission during your pet’s stay at Catnook Cattery.
  6. Owners give Catnook Cattery full authority to call or take a pet to a Veterinary surgeon for any treatment or procedure or to gather or exchange information of the pet/s in the event of sickness, illness, accident, injury or any reason the Cattery deems necessary at the owners expense and agree to pay all expenses for the veterinary treatment prior to the removal of pets. Catnook Cattery will endeavour to use the Veterinary clinic nominated by the owner on admission but reserves the right to take boarding pets elsewhere. i.e Emergency After Hours “U” Vet. Where possible all efforts will be made to contact you or your nominated emergency contact prior to any treatment being administered.
  7. All pets must be treated with flea / tick prevention prior to arrival at Catnook Cattery. By signing the T & C’s you warrant that your pet has been treated with appropriate flea / tick prevention.
  8. Catnook Cattery, its employees and agents are not responsible for the loss or destruction of your pet’s personal items including, but not limited to; toys, bedding and collars.
  9. Catnook Cattery, its employees and agents are not responsible for any ill health, damage or death of your pet caused by Paralysis Tick, Cat Flu, FPV or other illness which may occur to your pet during its stay at Catnook Cattery.
  10. Catnook Cattery, its employees and agents are not responsible for any injuries which may occur to your pet during its stay at Catnook Cattery.
  11. Catnook Cattery is not responsible for your pet’s coat while staying at our facilities. This includes matting & knotting, or hair being pulled out due to stress.
  12. You authorise Catnook Cattery to provide personal information relating to you and your pet to be given to or received from a licensed Veterinarian for the purposes of proper care of your pet.
  13. You will be held liable for any damage, loss or destruction caused by your pet during its stay at Catnook Cattery.
  14. If you fail to collect your pet or fail to pay any outstanding charges within 72 hours of the agreed pick up date, then Catnook Cattery has the right to recoup any outstanding costs or rehome the pet in their absolute discretion.
  15. You agree to allow Catnook Cattery to take and use pictures of your pet whilst in the care of Catnook Cattery for the purposes of record keeping, social media and marketing.
  16. Suites with outside private access are closed off each evening and the guest will not have access to the outside courtyard until the following morning.
  17. Accommodation that has an attached outside court yard in which pets are free to use privately may be blocked off on certain days due to inclement weather or extreme heat to maximise the effectiveness of air conditioning or heating.
  18. Guests must be familiar with indoor living i.e. Guests must be sufficiently house trained to use a litter tray. If guests constantly defecate or urinate on the floor then a surcharge will apply.
  19. All pets are allocated to a suite however Catnook Cattery may move pets at its discretion due to unforeseen circumstances.


  1. Boarding rates and other charges are displayed on the Catnook Cattery Website. The boarding rate is charged PER NIGHT (regardless of the time of arrival) which ends at 12 p.m. the following day i.e. a late checkout time after 12pm is a new day and will be charged for.
  2. Fees and charges are subject to change without notice.
  3. Catnook Cattery requires a non refundable booking fee for Christmas, & Easter holidays. The booking will not be confirmed until Catnook Cattery has received the booking fee. All paid booking fees will be deducted from the total due at the time accounts are settled.
  4. All Christmas bookings at Catnook Cattery are required to be a minimum of 10 days when booking within the date range of 23 December – 2 January. Booking fees must be paid by the 30th of November for Xmas otherwise the booking will not be held.
  5. Easter bookings must be paid in full 14 days prior to Easter. All Easter bookings at Catnook Cattery are required to be a minimum of 7 days when booking any days within the range of Good Friday, Easter Saturday, or Easter Sunday.
  6. Catnook Cattery will not provide a refund or credit for any early returns/ removal of pets prior to pre-arranged collection dates during school holiday periods.
  7. Payment can be made by Cash, Direct Deposit (direct deposits must be cleared in the Catnook Cattery account before pick up) or Card (Savings, Cheque, or Credit, options are available) Please note that Credit will incur the applicable bank surcharge.
  8. Rates for cat suites are based on solo accommodation or shared accommodation for cats of the same family that are capable of happily cohabitating. Catnook Cattery reserves the right to separate any guests boarding in a cohabitation arrangement if there is any signs of aggression between the guests or issues with one guest dominating the other for food.


  1. Catnook Cattery, its employees and agents are not responsible for any injuries which may occur to your pet whilst being transported due to any unforeseen traffic accident or incident that occurs during the transportation process.


  1. In the event that Catnook Cattery can’t contact me or my nominated emergency contact and my cat becomes ill requiring emergency Veterinary attention.
  2. I will agree upon arrival to Veterinary treatment up to a specified amount.
  3. If my pets condition results in the attending Veterinarian considering it necessary to euthanize:- I give / don’t give consent to euthanasia.
  4. If your pet is euthanized or passes my instructions are burial /cremation/ retain the pet until my return.
  5. If you are travelling overseas please ensure you have provided an Emergency contact and that the Emergency contact has been advised of your emergency instructions for your pet.

You may download our Terms & Conditions below, complete the form and bring it with you when you drop off your pet.

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