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Ruby is so chilled!!!

We would like to thank you for your continued support in helping us navigate our busy lives, and ever changing plans along with the care that you give to Ruby . We appreciate your efforts.
Ruby is so chilled !!! And loves going to her home away from home which makes it easier for us to be flexible.
Thanks Anita
Many Thanks
Kathleen and Peter G

It was lovely to get your email

It was lovely to get your email and I have been holding off sending an update as it has been a moving feast over the last few days Julie (my vet) and I were both very appreciative of you and the Highton vet treating him so well and so quickly. In particular, we are both very grateful to you for picking up that something was wrong and persisting after the original tests showed nothing wrong. We both agree that if it were not for you, it is unlikely that Wills would still be with us. In the mean time I will write up my feedback and appreciation for the care that you showed both of my boys.

It meant the world to us that he received love and affection even when we weren’t around.

Hello Anita,
I hope this finds you well.
I regret to inform you that we very sadly had to have Leo put to sleep yesterday. His health has deteriorated substantially and rapidly over the last six months, and we had no other option. We’re all devastated and miss him dearly already.
I wanted to thank you for the great care you took of him during his stays with you while we were on holiday. It meant the world to us that he received love and affection even when we weren’t around.
If we decide to get another kitten in the future he or she would naturally be going to your care while we’re on holidays. And I won’t hesitate in recommending Catnook Cattery to everyone we know.
Thanks once again for everything.
Kindest regards, Donna Y

We thank you for the care you took of Trev

We thank you for the care you took of Trev

Hi Anita,
We thank you for the care you took of Trev while we were away.
He has settled back in very well, as you can see from the photo.
It didn’t take him long to remember where his favourite chair was.
Unfortunately he also remembered how to get up on the bed and sleep with us!

What a great endorsement

Massimo is calm and loving upon his return home.
What a great endorsement of Catnook Cattery and you!!
Stay Passionate

Up to mischief as usual

Thank you for your lovely email. Otto and Hazel have both settled back in very well. The little Raptors are going crazy running around the house and up to mischief as usual. My children have not shut up about how lovely you are, particularly Will, with the Anita this and Anita that to everyone that’s popped in to see us since we’ve been home from holidays. Your dedication and sweet homely ways to your mini feline clients is outstanding.

A big good bye to Graham from from the cheeky 'Raptors' Hazel and Otto.

Down to earth, honest business owner, tick

A warm shout out to Anita and Gina at Catnook Cattery!! Anita and Gina, can not thank you enough for looking after my furry little four legged friend for 2 whole months. I was so hesitate about leaving him with someone and after a massive research of catteries and visits to potential homes away from home, Catnook won hands down even though it wasn't exactly around the corner. Down to earth, honest business owner, tick. Fireplace, tick, tick. Super clean, tick. Airy, spacious enclosures, tick. Outdoor access for my spoilt cat, tick, tick. Won't lie was still traumatised dropping him off as he'd never been to a cattery but I knew I had done my research and had a good feeling about Catnook. Was happy to pick up my fur ball and he seemed happy to see me as he rolled around on the floor and shared with me what he had claimed at the cattery. I thought it would take him a few days to adjust back to being at home but he honestly settled right back in and was exploring the great outdoors the following day. So thank you for looking after Buddah for me Anita and Gina, the updates and photos.Greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,Jackie

It's touches like this ..

Thank you for your email. It's touches like this that validate why I know you are the best at what you do. Bonnie thinks so too!!

Kindest regards
Lyndsey and Bon

The happiness, confidence and contentedness within him, spoke wonders as to how well he was looked after.

My beautiful Stormy has stayed at Catnook multiple times over the past 2-3years.
From weekend stays to 3 month stays, and i have never had to worry for a moment, that my little man was fretting or being neglected.
Every time I returned home, he was fatter than when I left, his coat was softer, from all the grooming.
He would purr the moment I picked him up, and he would give me the gooey eyes and his face pressed against the cage, all the way home.
The happiness, confidence and contentedness within him, spoke wonders as to how well he was looked after.
Anita and her staff do a wonderful job!
HAPPY CAT, HAPPY OWNER. Margaret and Storm

No doubts that Catnook would meet all Cora's needs

No doubts that Catnook would meet all Cora's needs

Hi Anita,

Hope you enjoyed your break away.

Just wanted to thank you once again for looking after Cora.

The day we visited Catnook and met you, we left having no doubts that Catnook would meet all Cora's needs and that we could go away on our holiday happy, knowing she was in the right place :)

Jane & Dave

Can highly recommend this place to anyone

Can highly recommend this place to anyone. Our cat pictured below right had a weeks visit there when we went away in March and he was very well cared for and very happy when we went to get him. It was very clean and the enclosures were large and set up with plenty of things to keep them busy. We will definitely use Catnook again next time we go away.

We couldn't recommend Anita and Catnook highly enough

Izzy, our youthful and energetic little moggie had the very good fortune to spend just over 3 months at Catnook.
The setting and facilities were superb and Anita treated Izzy like her own. There was plenty of free exercise time, and lots of individual attention. Izzy came home a happy, healthy, exceptionally socialised young "lady". We couldn't recommend Anita and Catnook highly enough, and will happily board Izzy there in the future.
Chubb and Thel Fadgyas

I was delighted

Dear Anita,
My apologies for not getting in touch with you earlier I offer no excuse! Firstly, let me say how pleased I was that you found time to show me around about 3 weeks ago. And secondly, considering I arrived unannounced, you were most hospitable and the tour of the Cattery was great.
Oscar has only stayed at one other cattery here in Geelong, a small "cage" with very little room to move. I was delighted to see your indoor setup and knowing there was an outdoor area made it even more attractive.
Thank you again, Anita,
Jean Waterhouse

I'll be sure to recommend Catnook Cattery

Hi Anita,
Thank you for taking such great care of Teddy while we were away. He looked happy and healthy when we saw him last night.
I'll be sure to recommend Catnook Cattery and will be in touch if we need to leave Teddy again – we know he’ll be in great hands.
Cheers, Mia

A huge thank you to and Graham for looking after Trim and Minnie so well

Hello Anita,
A huge thank you to and Graham for looking after Trim and Minnie so well. They are very calm and in good spirits and we were thrilled to see them on Facebook and to know that they adjusted well.
Heather Morgan

She has been treated with gentleness and deep affection

Over many years, we have boarded our cats in numerous catteries. Without any doubt Catnook is the best. It is situated in a beautiful and quiet location, an easy drive from Geelong. The cattery is cool in summer and very warm and cozy in winter. Our pet's accommodation is as comfortable as our own home and from our observations the furry four-footed guests at Catnook appear to feel that way too. We know from her body language when we collect our girl that she has been treated with gentleness and deep affection and that much care and attention have been given to her particular likes and dislikes. Anita even cares about Sammi's well-being when she is travelling to and from Catnook. In looking after Sammi so well Anita is looking after us! Many thanks Anita.
Mary, Richard and Liz

Well cared for and safe

Catnook offers a five star accommodation and service in the Geelong region, with their spacious indoor and outdoor rooms, my two beautiful boys Henry and Hilary love staying there. It is their home away from home, they really enjoy their stay and love your big, cat climbing trees you have. I am so grateful, I have Catnook to leave my boys at and I can relax as I know they are happy, well cared for and safe.

Thank you once again Catnook..
Maree, Henry and Hilary.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart

Phoebe is safely home with us now. The first night she was home, she can't stop for a second checking out her new home. We can't leave her alone too, patting her and carrying her. She got use to the kitty litter pretty quick as there was no 'accidents' in the last 72 hours. So I think she is settling in quite nicely.

We like to thank you for taking good care of her the last 2.5 years. When I took the assignment to go Saudi Arabia, Phoebe was one of my biggest worries. We can't bear to give her away and it was almost impossible to find a cattery that will commit to such a long period. We were genuinely relief when Catnook accepted her. For that we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

You always have great customer service!

You always have great customer service!! I haven't been for ages and was impressed you still knew who I was as soon as I rang!
The boys would love an outdoor/indoor suite.
Dates and time are perfect!

I just love your cattery enclosures

Hi I just love your cattery enclosures and am looking to either purchase or make myself enclosures like this for my cats. I'm a registered cat breeder and would hope to get your advise if possible on where to access the materials or where to buy such perfect pens please

Thanks again for everything

Hi Anita, I just wanted to thank you for looking after Maggie. We were so happy to see her and how well she had settled in there. She has come home and is very loving, even sitting on my lap last night! All my fears that she would think she had been abandoned again were unfounded. We will certainly recommend your Cattery as being a great place to leave your pets and no doubt Maggie will be back there in the future.
Thanks again for everything,

Cheers, Margot and Graeme

I cannot express my thanks enough

I cannot express my thanks enough for the care you gave in looking after both Humphrey and Grace.

Both came back in excellent condition especially Humphrey.

He is a totally different cat, back to himself and I could see a huge improvement in him after I picked him from your cattery.

Humphrey is walking perfect and he is back to his old self of being extremely naughty and is even playing with toys again.

The care and dedication you gave him during his stay was proven at his last check up where the vet reduced his insulin unit intakes and has suggested he could be heading towards remission.

His glucose levels were excellent when he was in for the day to have hourly glucose level checks, so much that the vet asked me to not give him his insulin that night as it could have been way too much for him.

I can honestly say that I believe it was because of your excellent care and I informed the vet that it was credit to you as the big jump in his improvement was obvious when he arrived home after staying with you.

Again I thank you for your care in looking after both of them and I will make sure that I recommend your cattery to anyone that needs to have their cats looked after whilst they are away.


I would highly recommend Catnook to anyone

I just wanted to say thankyou again for how wonderfully well you looked after Trinity and Kimba. Both came back so relaxed and happy, secretly I think trinity thought it was all about her having her own private holiday because she did come home and had that refreshed relaxed holiday vibe to her.

I felt so much better knowing they were safe and happy at Catnook while I was away. So thank you and I would highly recommend Catnook to anyone looking for an outstanding cattery.

Lauren & William

Just wanted to say thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for looking after willy and Suzie sooooo well.
They both settled back into their routines quickly.
Thanks again and we will be in touch again in the future.


A very relaxed contented cat

Hi Anita, Thank you your care of Karma pud for the past 11 days. She came home a very relaxed contented cat. We would not hesitate to recommend your business to our friends. Thank you again.

Lynne and Jim

Your cattery is lovely

Your cattery is lovely. A well thought out and designed home away from home for our feline friends. It is very obvious to me you also love cats and it shows in your spotless facility, professionally run with loving care. I wish you well with your business, I for one will be spreading the word on your behalf, and Polly will be visiting again.

Thanks again, Nola

l know you are an exceptional cattery

Could you also let me know if there are no spots available for Splatt so l can contact another cattery although l would prefer your cattery.

I was very happy with the way you looked after him and very happy with his surroundings from what l could see on your web page tour.

Early January this year l recommended you to a work colleague and she used your services and was thoroughly impressed so l know you are an exceptional cattery as she is very particular about where she leaves her cats to stay and be looked after so l know l am on to a good cattery with you.

You guys do a fantastic job

The only feedback I have is that you guys do a fantastic job and I am very happy to have found such a caring, clean and reliable cattery so close to home. Planning holidays feels a lot less anxiety provoking progress now! I especially loved that you let the cats have a wander around during the day, they are so used to having a lot of space to explore so the fact that they weren't cooped up in their room the whole time was very reassuring. Hopefully, you can continue to do that!

Thanks again for providing a wonderful service, looking forward to seeing you when the next holiday is planned!


Happy 1st birthday to Catnook!

Max (Maximus) had a great time at your accommodation. I know this because he returned home happy and contented and adjusted to being at home fairly quickly. Actually I think there was a time there that he was missing Catnook and all the pampering he was getting!

Thank you again Anita and Graham for taking such good care of Max.
We wish you every continued success of your wonderful business.


Hi Anita

Our cat Monty was very well cared for in May/June this year - thank you.


Your email is quite timely

Your email is quite timely, I was planning on emailing you this weekend to thank you for caring so well for Sam & Chi whilst we were away. David calls you "The Cat Whisperers" as Sam has come back a different boy. He is more placid and less anxious and is more than happy for me to brush him each night.
It is obvious that you care greatly for your guests and I now have no hesitations in leaving them when we plan our next holiday. I have already recommended Catnook to friends and family. The extra special touches such as the email with photos you sent whilst I was away make all the difference.

Once again, thank you and we wish you many more happy and successful years at Catnook.

Brenda, David, Sam & Chi

Congratulations on your 1st year Birthday

Congratulations on your 1st year Birthday! Well done and it has been obviously a very fun filled adventure business for you. I would not go anywhere else if and when we need to board Madeline again, and if you ever need a reference please call on me, only too happy and willing to support your wonderful Catnook!

Fay & Bill

Congratulations to you both on Catnooks 1st birthday.

Hi Anita & Graham,

Congratulations to you both on Catnooks 1st birthday.
I wish to thank you as well for taking special care of my cats on occasion over the past year.


Thank you so much!

Hi Anita

Thank you so much! We really appreciate the outstanding care you provided for our boys and we will be recommending you to EVERYONE!!!
They are settling in well at home.
One thousand thank yous!!!!

Sally and Dave

She's shinier and fluffier than ever!

Congratulations, Anita and Graham, on your first year of Catnookery! .
You have certainly worked some magic with my girl Josephine. She used to avoid being brushed, or too much physical attention of any kind, but since her last stay with you (early May) she now demands a long brushing session at least every second day. She's shinier and fluffier than ever!


I'm stoked!! She looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

Hi Anita
I'm stoked!! She looks FANTASTIC!!!!! She is well and truly in her element at Catnook! I am in a way dreading the day she comes home because I know she will she will be heartbroken to leave you guys. You guys have been phenomenal in your care for her and we are so so appreciative!


Thanks Anita.

Thanks Anita.
It was lovely to meet you and I know our Tigs will be looked after well when we are away.


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